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Facilitec Architectural Interior Design

Our passion is to facilitate the complex process of workplace renovation and relocation so that our clients can stay focused on their core business. Facilitec designs aesthetic and high-performance office spaces, while executing projects within predetermined budgets.

Using the disciplines of Interior Architecture and Design and Relocation Management, Facilitec was formed in 1991 to assist businesses in the process of determining the best solution for changes in their work environment. Once the solution is determined, Facilitec guides clients through the entire process of workplace design, furniture purchase and placement, and the logistics of moving into a new workplace.

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Georgia Chamber of Commerce

CorporateWhen the Georgia Chamber of Commerce leased 24,000 square feet previously vacated by the Southern Company, they chose 270 Peachtree for it’s great location, high visibility, and to capital on benefits of taking over high end, 2nd generation space.

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